Accident Towing: Everything Laid Out for the Newbies

No one knows when they will have an unlucky day on the road. While you may dread the whole idea of a road accident, the truth is that these events happen when you least expect them. The way you respond could be the difference between a costly and tedious process or a swift gateway to the best repair shops in town. Indeed, getting your car away from the scene using an accident towing service is the first step to getting there. Towing your vehicle from an accident scene may seem simple, but the terms and conditions have far-reaching implications. They can affect your insurance policy claims and repair costs, among other things. Here is a guide that will teach you more:

You Have Many Options

You have several options when you need to tow your vehicle from an accident scene. First, a tow truck can come to the scene from law enforcement as they clear the way for other motorists. Secondly, an unsolicited tow truck can show up at the scene after learning about the accident through traffic scanners or other means. Lastly, you can work with a towing service provider suggested by your insurers, auto repair experts or a friend. The bottom line is that you have the power to choose the towing company that will work for you unless law enforcement has to tow the vehicle. Your choice depends on the terms of engagement and the cost.

You Must Understand Your Insurance Policy

When you need to tow your vehicle from an accident scene, it helps to align with your insurer before proceeding. Reviewing your insurance policy regularly can help you stay abreast with the terms. Alternatively, you can also do a quick call to the insurer and inquire about the implications of towing your vehicle.

The objective is to make sure that your actions do not compromise your insurance claim. If you cannot work with a towing company preferred by your insurer, ask them to give you a workaround. Do you need to sign a document showing you can't work with the preferred towing service? Usually, they should allow you to outline your reason in law enforcement reports done at the scene.

You Must Review the Towing Terms

Don't rush into signing a document for the towing services without understanding the terms. The best towing companies will not have any misleading or deceptive terms of engagement. For instance, they can recommend the repair shops you should visit without compelling you to do so.