Understanding Car Towing Using a Dolly

If you are planning to tow using a car dolly, it is important to know some of the processes and regulations that govern the use of the device. Knowing how to use the car towing dolly can save you from getting injuries to yourself or other people. The most important steps are in connecting, loading, and the actual towing with the dolly.

Connecting the Car Dolly

If your dolly is attached poorly to either the car that is towing or the one being towed, there is a risk of whipping. This is when the load sways from side to side. Even if the movement is small at low speeds, it can soon develop into serious whipping at high speeds. The best method to attach the car being towed is with its front wheels on top of the dolly. The main part that connects the dolly to the tow car is the coupler. This should be clamped tightly to hitch-ball in your car. You can also use safety chains to ensure that the dolly is still attached to your car should the coupler come off. Once the dolly is connected, you should carry out tests to ensure that it is tight.

Loading the Dolly

It is important to ensure that the vehicle you are using to tow is heavier than the one being towed. Very often, a car towing company that rents out the dollies may include specific weights on the rental contract. You should ensure that you adhere to these weight specifications. Alternatively, you can check the weight rating located on the opening of the driver's door. This can help you determine how much load your towing vehicle can take. The car being towed should not have cargo as this can lead to whipping.

Car Towing

Once the car towing dolly is securely fastened and properly loaded, you can begin the journey. You should move at low speeds since this helps avoid whipping and crashes. The dolly may come with a speed limit which you should adhere to. Defensive driving comes into play at this stage since you have to anticipate the actions of other road users such as braking. Should you notice that there is whipping the immediate action to take is to slow down. However, this should be achieved by removing your foot from the gas pedal. You should not brake instantly as this can lead to more problems. You should also not make any sudden steering as this can cause you to lose control or even crash.

If necessary, remember you can always call the car towing experts to do the job for you.