Different Types of Towing Services You Could Get

As a vehicle owner, the last thing you would ever want is to be is stranded due to your vehicle breaking down. The good news though is that you can easily get towing services as most of these companies work round the clock. However, not many drivers know the different options available to you when you require these services. Typically, the type of towing service you get will depend on your vehicle as well as the situation that has caused your vehicle to be inoperable. Here are some of the different towing service that you could get if your vehicle breaks down.

Boom towing services

If you are driving in wet weather and your vehicle skids off the road and straight into a ditch, you will be in need of boom towing services. The trucks used for this type of towing are equipped with a winch. This winch works toward pulling vehicles out of ditches, valleys and more. Another reason why boom tow trucks would be better suited to these situations is that they do not need to be in close proximity to the vehicle to take it out of harm's way. The boom arm that they get their name from is adjustable. As such, the tow truck can remain safely on the road as its boom tries to pull out your vehicle from harm's way. This type of towing service is especially convenient if there is extensive damage on site or if you require towing in choppy weather conditions.

Belt-lift towing services

This type of towing service is also referred to as hook and chain towing. These trucks operate by lifting the frontal end of the vehicle. The truck does this via chains that have been affixed to the vehicle axle and car frame. It is especially convenient if you require towing and your vehicle is missing its front wheels. Once the vehicle has been secured, it is towed to safety at the back of the tow truck.

Wheel-lift towing services

These type of towing services are similar to the belt lift towing services. To have your vehicle towed, a metal yoke is affixed under the car's wheel. The wheel-lift then raises the vehicle off the ground by the tyres, rather than through the front axle as in the belt-lift tow truck. A wheel-lift tow truck would be especially convenient for people who are trying to avoid their bumper from acquiring any scratched or dents during the towing process.