Tips When Towing a Car or Trailer

When you are looking to go on a boating vacation or need to transport a vehicle or trailer to a new location, you might consider towing on your own. It is possible for you to tow as long as you have a tow vehicle that is up to the job. If you are not already a towing pro, you just need to know the basics to ensure that you get to your destination safely with all of your vehicles intact. There are a few towing tips that you should know before you hit the open road with your tow vehicle.

Prep the Brakes

When you are preparing to tow a car for a small weekend trip away, you need to prep the brakes. A week before your trip, you should do a check up on the brakes of your vehicle. It is important to make sure that the brakes are functioning properly, because the brakes are taxed most heavily on the towed vehicle. It is also important that when you are driving your tow vehicle that you never ride the brakes. You should always pump the brakes and avoid coming to sudden stops, because this can damage the braking system on the car that you are towing.

Spare Tire

It is always important that you have a spare tire along for the ride when you are towing any type of vehicle. It is most common that you will have a flat on your tow vehicle. In order to prevent a flat tire, you should check the tread on your tires before you even leave on your trip. You might consider not only bringing along a spare tire, but also a spare wheel and wheel hub. Be sure not to use a temporary spare when towing because it will not be able to support the weight of the towed vehicle.

Wide View

One of the biggest issues that many beginners must deal with when towing involves visibility. It can be difficult to fully see the vehicles that surround you when you have a large vehicle behind that you are towing. Having a wider rearview mirror installed on your tow vehicle can be a great way to improve visibility and ensure that you can safely see all traffic. There are even special towing mirrors that you can purchase and clip onto your vehicle. Setting your sights wide is critical when you hit the roadway in a tow vehicle with a load on the back.